EMS’s experienced Geotechnical Engineers provide comprehensive interpretive geotechnical reports to enable projects to progress through gaining planning permission to supervision of construction.

The range of professional service include:

  • Foundation Design
  • Waste Materials, Landfill and Recycling
  • Earthworks (Specification for Highway Works SHW)
  • Influence of Vegetation on Foundations
  • Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution
  • Advice on Asbestos Contaminated Materials (ACM)
  • Planning Permission and Building Regulations
  • Water and Gas Monitoring
  • Contaminated Soil Suitable for Use Assessment (S4UL and C4SL)
  • Local Knowledge of Geology and Geotechnical conditions

Basement Impact Assessments

Basement Impact Assessments (BIA) reports are required by local authorities to support planning applications for construction of basements beneath existing structures in congested urban areas where land space is scarce. The BIA provides assurance that the proposed construction method will not have an adverse influence on the stability of the existing structure or adjacent properties.