The aim of any Phase 3 remediation works is to remove or break all the viable identified pollutant linkages on contaminated sites.  The end result being to make previously contaminated land ‘suitable for use’

In the first instance we will produce a detailed Remediation method Statement outlining the objectives, methodology and procedures required for the proposed on-site remediation works.

Examples of Phase 3 remediation projects that EMS Geotech have been involved with include:

  • Removal of asbestos impacted soils from a former farm site intended for a proposed residential development.
  • Numerous projects involving the removal of disused below ground fuel tanks from former fuel station forecourts for proposed residential developments.
  • Numerous projects employing engineered cover systems (combined impermeable membranes and clean soil) for proposed residential and commercial developments.


Upon completion of the remediation works, a validation report will be produced to demonstrate that the works have been carried out satisfactorily and remediation targets achieved. The validation report will typically include:


  • A summary of the works undertaken;
  • Copies of photographic and documentary records undertaken during the remediation works;
  • Laboratory chemical analysis certificates for all validation analysis undertaken; and
  • Details of further contamination identified during the site works.

ohase 3 remediation and validation