There are numerous sources of ground related gases including:

  • Landfill Sites
  • Made Ground
  • Foundry Sand
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Infilled Ground
  • Spills/Leaks/Discharges
  • Mine Workings
  • Peat Bogs
  • Organic Rich Alluvial Deposits
  • Radon and Carbonate Rich Strata

ground gas monitoring

Gases commonly associated with ground gas include carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrocarbon vapours. These can pose a significant risk to human health, buildings and structures in the form of ill health, asphyxiation and explosion.

EMS Geotech are able to provide Ground Gas Risk Assessments in accordance with Ciria C665 and BS8485:2015.

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