Flooding and drainage are becoming major factors for new developments with ever increasing population size, the development of more complex sites, environmental factors and legislation changes.

Flooding can be influenced by various factors including:

  • surface water run-off
  • local topography
  • proximity to rivers and coasts
  • geology
  • groundwater
  • current land usage
  • existing drainage
  • mines
  • quarries
  • hardstandng
  • vegetation cover
  • rainfall levels



EMS Geotech can provide Level 1 and Level 2 Flood Risk Assessments that:

  • Identify whether any flooding related to the development site warrant further investigation;
  • Identify whether the area is at risk of flooding;
  • Identify whether the site may increase the flood risk due to increased run-off;
  • Confirm possible sources of flooding;
  • Assess the availability and adequacy of existing information;
  • Qualitatively assess the flood risk to a site and the impact of flood risk elsewhere;
  • Assess the possible scope for appropriate development design and scope additional work where required.