Phase 1 Desk Studies can be Contamination or Geotechical specific, or combined as a Geo-Environmental Study.

Guidance for undertaking Desk Studies is provided by British Standard BS5930:2015 and BS10175:2013. The first stage of a Contamination or Geotechnical Investigation should always be a desk study (sometimes known as a ‘Phase One’ or ‘Desk Top Study’). This will provide information on the historical, environmental, geological, hydrogeological and hydrological site setting in order to establish likely contamination and geotechnical ground related risks for a site.

Producing conceptual site models and undertaking contamination risk assessments is generally undertaken in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Contaminated Land Report 11 (CLR 11) – Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination. The desk study normally includes:

  • Reviewing historical OS map data;
  • Purchasing of a Landmark Envirocheck / Mining and Ground Stability report;
  • Reviewing of online databases including British Geological Survey, Environment Agency, Radon, MAGIC and UXO;
  • Production of preliminary conceptual site models;
  • Producing preliminary assessments of contamination and geotechnical related risks; and
  • Providing recommendations for intrusive investigations, where required.

phase 1 desk study