Soil Contamination Investigation, Oxfordshire

Soil Contamination Investigation of a former garage site in Oxfordshire

Client: Landowner

A small residential development is proposed at this site. EMS had previously produced a desk study report which had identified a former garage with fuel pumps as a likely source of contamination. As a result, an intrusive soil contamination investigation was commissioned to investigate the risk that any contamination posed to future residents, construction workers and groundwater.

The investigation was undertaken by machine excavated trial pits with samples taken for laboratory testing. Some minor clearance of vegetation was also undertaken to locate underground fuel tanks which supplied the fuel pumps identified by the previous investigation.

Laboratory testing of the soil samples revealed a number of elevated heavy metal concentrations across the site. EMS’s soil contamination report made remediation recommendations for garden areas of the planned development to be covered by clean soil layers to protect future residents. The investigation found no evidence of hydrocarbon contamination near the underground tanks. It was recommended that the tanks were removed under EMS supervision with validation sampling to confirm that no contamination is present directly under the tanks.