Percolation & Soakaway Testing for Draining, Shropshire

Infiltration tests for proposed residential development in Shropshire: EMS Geotech were commissioned by a drainage engineer who acted as agent on behalf of the client to assess the permeability of the ground at a site near Ludlow, Shropshire.

Client: Private homeowner

Location: Shropshire

EMS Geotech - Case Studies

The proposed development plans for the site include dividing a small field to the rear of an existing property and erecting three houses. In addition to extending and upgrading the existing property with an external office and garage area.  

The proposed development includes plans to dispose of rainwater to soakaways – an underground system for holding drainage water while it infiltrates into the ground, without the need to use existing sewage drains.  

EMS undertook three trial pit soakaway tests using a mechanical excavator to determine whether the permeability of the soil and assess the ground’s suitability for soakaway use.  Test pits were spread across the site and at varying depths in order to identify the best areas for soakaways.

In addition, EMS undertook three hand-dug percolation tests located near the proposed location of the septic tank and drainage field to determine if the ground was suitable for discharging domestic foul water to drainage field.

We worked closely with the agent to meet the client’s needs and carried out the siteworks in an efficient and timely manner in full accordance with BRE365:2016 and BS6297:2007.

You can read more about soakaway percolation tests on our dedicated page here.