Ground Investigation, Herefordshire

Ground Investigation for proposed commercial effluent management infrastructure, Herefordshire

Client: Large beverage manufacturer

Information on ground conditions was needed by the client’s engineers for the design of a high level pipeline and effluent pumping plant at a drinks factory.

A number of cable percussion (also known as shell and auger) boreholes were drilled in the external areas of the site.  Two boreholes were also required inside a building used for holding empty drinks cans which necessitated the use of a specialist electric powdered windowless sampling drilling rig.  This avoided the generation of fuel fumes in a clean internal area of the site.

The boreholes successfully provided details about the density of the ground for the design of pipeline supporting structures, groundwater levels to assess whether dewatering deep excavations would be required, and the waste classification of the soils for the disposal of spoil from construction works.