Desk Study and Ground Investigation, Oxfordshire

Desk Study and Ground Investigation for a proposed residential development in Oxfordshire

Client: Strategic land development company

A desk study and ground investigation was undertaken on an agricultural field in order to assist with the sale of the land for residential development.

The desk study reviewed the site’s history and environmental databases to assess whether there were any sources of contamination present on or near to the site.  The desk study found the site to represent a low to medium contamination risk largely due to the potential of dusting powders being present in relation to the former orchard at the site.

A combined contamination and geotechnical ground investigation was undertaken by machine excavated trial pit.  The investigation found that the soils at the site were uncontaminated.  Data was collected to make recommendations in relation to foundations and soakaway drainage within the underlying chalk.

The site is now being marketed for sale with EMS’s reports forming part of the information pack.